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It may be small by global standards, but the Gilbert and Sullivan weekend at Musatelier is the biggest G&S event in this area. As G&S is bewildering to most French locals, we rely on people coming from elsewhere - mainly from England.

This year we planned Yeomen of the Guard for the late spring, but so many participants have had to drop out that it has been postponed to the autumn. The date is yet to be confirmed.

There is also a change of piece - we'll be performing Patience.

You'll have to provide your own score, but you can download a free one.

Friday evening: sort-out music and parts, eat together.

Saturday: practices and time off for sight-seeing;
evening meal either at a local restaurant or pizza delivery.

Sunday: run-through twice, the second time with a small audience of friends and neighbours.

Some of the solos are taken, though we're particularly short of baritones. Chorus are very welcome, as the opera calls for twenty lovesick maidens and matching Dragoon Guards, so at least four of each would be nice.

It won't be staged, and we don't expect people to learn the parts off by heart (though that would be good!) but some attempt at costumes would be appreciated, and there will be moving around. Possibly even some token scenery.

Visitors are welcome to arrive before and stay after. There is some sleeping-space in the house, and rooms with helpful neighbours; people who prefer/can afford plusher accommodation have a choice of nearby chambres d'hôtes and gîtes.
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I set up a mailing list to manage singing workshops.

You can subscribe by sending an email to

Unfortunately I need to study the Help files... ;).
If this works, I shall create a more general list, as not all the events will be singing days.
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Monica Buckland has agreed to lead an a capella singing workshop at Musatelier in the spring.

Tuesday 30 April to Saturday 5 May. Five days of concentrated preparation of a range of ensemble works, culminating in an informal performance.

Her programmes range from Renaissance to very recent; music local to the area as well as pieces in English, German, and Latin (and sometimes Czech, Swedish, Danish...). We are suggesting including some music from a little earlier than usual: Adam de la Halle.

The number of places is limited to 24, and the parts have to be balanced. Book early!

More details and prices will be published later.
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The Ruddigore sing-through was marvellous.

Special mention to the soloists Nattie, Tony, Nigel and Mark, Bill, Sue; and to Marianne who took over all the catering and did a splendid job.

Unfortunately we were so involved in the musicking, or the eating and drinking, that not one person took a photo!

There will be another chance next year.
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Signing-up for the Ruddigore was not going well until I found the email address of someone who was involved with the now-gone G&S group in the Jonzac area. He pounced gleefully on the event and has collected another 12 or so people.

We now have enough numbers to be viable, but the balance is decidedly off.
One soprano - me.
No tenors, unless cycleboy1957 manages to come over from England and can be persuaded to sing tenor instead of baritone.

Apart from those little problemettes, it's looking very good :)


Jul. 5th, 2012 12:25 pm
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Run-through of Ruddigore
Saturday 29 September at Musatelier, Charente-Maritime, France.

For singers, instrumentalists (especially pianists), helpers, and people who just want to come for the weekend or the barbecue.

Singers may be of any standard, but must prepare the music in advance.

Practice in the morning, followed by picnic lunch. Run-through starting about 2pm.
Barbecue from 6pm.

Everyone will need their own score (free scores available from the Petrucci Music Library).

Chorus, nine solo singing parts and some speaking parts.
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It's difficult to use the terrace for a couple of weeks, because the black redstart family is in their summer residence at the top of a column under the roof. The chicks grow very fast, and the parents have to feed them frequently; when anyone goes out on the terrace they stop the feeding process and click shrill warnings to the chicks to stay still. I worry that if we disturb them too often or for too long the chicks will starve.

Black redstarts are called rougequeue noir (black red-tail) in French, but here they are known as rossignol des murailles (nightingale of the outside walls). Pretty!

The camera needs replacing, so there are no photos of Musatelier's rossignols des murailles, but you can see what they look like on


Jun. 23rd, 2012 10:08 am
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Well, we don't yet have enough applicants for the Ruddigore sing-through, but there's time.

I made a webpage!


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